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Little bit about mobile-charger.eu

It is impossible to imagine modern person who doesn`t know what smartphone or tablet is. It is also hard to imagine typical townspeople without such devices. Every one of us uses mobile network, internet and spends time on social networks via smartphone several times a day. Despite technological progress, device charging still has to be carried out once or several times a day.

MOBILE CHARGER is a supplier of universal charging devices for various spheres of business: HORECA sector (hotels, cafes, pubs, night clubs and others), INDOOR facilities (shopping malls, cinemas, aqua parks, bowling’s, fitness clubs, beauty and manicure salons, SPA centers and many other public places).

The company is operating since 2012 and today our solutions are offered in more than 1650 different institutions in CIS countries, EU countries ( Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia), Singapore. We solved not only the problem with device charging, but also helped people to save time – the most important resource.

Each entrepreneur must be familiar with today’s technology trends and customers’ needs in order to compete in the market and develop his or her business. For example, if a person with a discharged smartphone goes past your cafe and sees a sign of possibility charging the phone, in 99% of cases he or she will not only use the service, but will also have a meal in a pleasant atmosphere.

All you need to attract new clients and continue to increase loyalty of existing is modern and universal charging device which is able to solve one of person’s daily tasks.

Convenient for customers, easy and safe to use, this device will be a good assistant for business development and will help to establish modern, customer desires knowing company’s image.

Our solutions

Charging station “FULL HOUSE”

Charging station for 12 devices. Your clients can charge and use their mobile device while sitting at a table or the bar. This is probably the universal charger which we can imagine. It can be used where ever you want.

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Charging station “COLT”

Charging station for 6 devices. Suitable for places with a small number of tables. The same operating principle as charging station ”FULL HOUSE”.

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Charging device for table or counter

Small charging station for simultaneous charging of 4 your favorite devices.

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In order to meet customer’s request, your waiters have to elegantly serve MobileCharger device while taking orders. No excess wires and knots or need to look after customer’s phone in the kitchen. No connectors that may get lost among the countless chargers in the box. Your waiters will continue to serve guests as quickly as in the past and nothing will distract them. More than 66% of mobile phone users suffer from ”nomophobia”. It is a proposed name for the phobia (intense, irrational fear) of being out of mobile phone contact. Mobile charging device is comfortable, modern and requested. With charging stations You can noticeably increase your customer loyalty, as well as place your ads on devices.

Simple and accessible

The device is suitable for charging almost any phone or smartphone and has a 99% market offered plugs. Charging device with Mobile Charger is as easy as with the original charger.


How do you think, which cafe will customer choose, if both will have similar menus, prices and locations? Right, the one where he or she charged mobile phone when the battery was empty several days ago. When you offer a service which has no analogues, you are the market leader. This means that device will regain itself even faster.


It is easy – use your gadget while charging it. You can message your friends in social networks; send an SMS to husband or place photos on Instagram. Be always available!


Portable charger takes up very little space and can be placed in a chair handle or directly next to the plate with food. Thanks to its dimensions, device has a wide range of applications.


Charging device cannot be charged only using the original charging station. The charging station is difficult to steal seeing.

Still have doubt about need of the device at your place?

We offer 10 day trial for our equipment in your place!

Trial period will help to find out how much the service is topical, required and beneficial to your business! We will bring and install the equipment, as well as prepare all promo materials to ensure high quality service.


– How we work? –


You call us (or send inquiry via web page) and we answer all the questions.


You agree on a convenient time and place of a presentation.


We sign a contract and you get happy customers.


Why you need to provide phone charging service in your institution?

More than 67% of mobile phone users suffer from ”nomophobia”. It is a proposed name for the phobia (intense, irrational fear) of being out of mobile phone contact. Charging service is modern, comfortable and requested. With charging stations you can significantly improve customer loyalty, as well as publish your ads on the devices.

What will I get introducing such services in my company?

As soon as your customers will need to charge their gadget, being away from home, they will remember about you and how convenient it was to charge their devices. Coming back to your place they will not only charge the phone, but also order latte or business lunch.

You will gain customer loyalty: Your business will be recommended to others as a place where it is always possible to charge any model smartphone at 12 tables simultaneously.

In addition, you will get a new, unique space on devices for your or affiliate ads.

Which electronic devices station can charge?

The device is compatible with almost any phone model and tablet with the most popular charging sockets. Such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC, Fly, Philips, Vertu, LG and many others.

Is there protection against theft?

Of course, we have taken into account this moment. Our portable devices cannot be charged with any other charger and are only compatible with the original charging station plugs. In addition, charging station is difficult to steal seeing and almost all institutions add charging device position to the bill. Thanks to it, waiters always know which table is using charging device.

Why do I need charging device if there are sockets and power banks available?

Of course, there are sockets in every place and they can be used for charging gadgets. However, not always clients have their own charging devices as well as not every table has a socket nearby.

Power Banks (portable batteries) is not the best option for several reasons: they can be stolen (Mobile Charger device is protected against theft); inconvenient recharging (requires a lot of wiring, sockets and unnecessary waste of time of employees); no guarantee and service maintenance; no advertising field (on our devices you can place an ad). In addition, the need to charge the battery, and employees will have to it by connecting them to the sockets and ensure that charging does not overload the network.

Our product – a great solution to these problems. Portable charger charges the 99% of today’s smartphones and tablets. In addition, the client can freely use the device, since it is not tied to a socket.

What is the station power consumption (kW)?

Electricity consumption is very low, as charged portable device goes into a sleep mode. Charging station works only during charging.

Electricity consumption for station FULL HOUSE: 12V – 10A; 120W

Max possible consumption per day 2.88кВт; avarage 1.08kW

Electricity consumption for station SMILE: 12V – 3A; 15W

Max possible consumption per day 0.72kW

Daily consumption is calculated by continuous 24 hour charge, which does not happen every day. Our statistics show that the average power consumption of the station is not more than a computer display or 45-60w bulb.

How long is a smartphone/tablet charging?

Depending on your smartphone’s battery charge level, charging of one device takes up to 60 minutes. Tablet charging, depending on the battery charge level, on average 90 minutes.

What is the charging capacity of a single device?

Single device charging capacity is:

Full-House 4,000 mAh.,

Colt 3,000 mAh

How long it takes to charge one portable device?

Charging of portable device in station lasts 73 minutes.